Our goal


The aim of ITF Tours is to help broaden the educational experience of all travellers through engaging and inspirational tours.

By following 'in the footsteps' of those that have gone before us, each and every person on a tour has the opportunity to better understand the past and engage with it in their own unique way.

By using Tour Managers with knowledge and experience specific to each tour, we aim to ensure that each tour is tailored to your needs and leaves you with amazing memories.

Your adventure


All tours allow each traveller to add to their existing knowledge and experience prior to the trip. No matter what background or knowledge each person arrives with, they can't help but leave with fantastic memories and an experience of a lifetime.

Throughout each tour, we try to ensure that alongside planned experiances such as museum or historic site visits there is free-time for everyone to reflect on what they have seen and the impact of those who have gone before them.

We stay in a range of both modern and traditional hotels but try to spend as much of the tour out on location. As often as possible we try to eat food traditional to the country and area in which we are staying, whilst also allowing for any dietary needs of group members.

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