Q.      Should I have travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for the duration of your tour to cover all aspects of travel away from home from theft and loss to injury and cancellations. 

Q.      What if I have special dietary needs?

This is no problem but you will need to inform your Group Leader in good time before the tour starts so that we can advise all restaurants and hotels as necessary ahead of time. We cannot guarantee what will be offered as an alternative to the set menu but we will do our utmost to accommodate dietary needs.

Q.      Can you accommodate me if I have a disability?

We try to ensure that our tours are open to as wide a range of abilities as possible, however there will be occasions and locations where it might be difficult for specific access. All tours will require a certain amount of walking and use vehicles or public transport that does not always cater for all abilities - this is unfortunately beyond our control. The best solution is to discuss your needs with us in person before signing up for a tour.

Q.      What is the average size of the group?

Group sizes can vary from a minimum of approx. 20 guests to a maximum of around 45 guests. Should you have groups outside of these numbers than it is best to speak with us before a tour is booked.

Q.      What are the rooming arrangements at the hotels?

    • Standard rooms are booked across a range of hotels and these can be configured in different ways. For adult tours we will always use twin bedded rooms for two people, unless a premium is paid by the trailer for a single occupancy. On student tours it may be that we use hotels where there will be up to four students per room and on occasions students of the same gender may be expected to share the same bed.
    • Bed sizes across Europe are either single or double only. Hotels do not offer King sized beds.

Q.      How physically strenuous is the tour?

Visiting the historic sites on the tour often requires an amount of walking. On occasions this can amount to a day of walking around 6 to 8 miles in total as the experience of visiting a city on foot is so much more engaging and immersive than via any form of transportation. If there are days that look too involved or taxing then the traveller needs to discuss this with the on tour Tour Director and consider other options.

Q.      What is the payment plan for the tour?

The payment plan will we detailed to you by your Group Leader.

Q.      How old are the participants?

We have a range of ages across all of our tours from students through to travellers from the older generations.

Q.      What luggage are we allowed to bring?

Due to the limited space within the body of a coach we suggest one main check-in bag (approx 25kg dependent upon flight / carrier limits) and then one small back pack for daily use (there is not enough space for a 3rd carry-on bag as well as the above two).

Q.      Will I need a passport or visa and if so, how do I get one?

    • For travel outside of the U.S. or Canada to Europe you will need a Passport, but not usually a visa. Please check with your country travel requirements before travel and allow at least 6 months for an application to be processed. 
    • If you already have a passport then please ensure there is more than 6 months remaining before the expiry date stated on the document. If this is not the case then a new passport will need to be obtained.

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